Celebrate the release of season 4 ‘Girls’ on digital HD

I am a fully committed to the show "Girls." It's my all time favorite thing to do on a Sunday night. A glass of wine, yummy food and friends. The show reminds of my 20's. Oh what a mess it was. The nostalgia I feel just thinking back to the crazy adventures my friends and I would get involved in and the crazy drama that somehow always seemed to follow. No matter what your 20-something experience was like, there's someone in the show that you can … [Read more...]

Review / Giveaway: Oro de Castilla wine

Thanks to Pablo del Villar of Oro de Castilla and Ole Imports, Lodie's Blog is able to give away a bottle of Oro de Castilla wine for your pleasure and enjoyment. I am picking three winners, so you're in luck! Review of Oro de Castilla Verdejo 2013 wine. It has one of the most refreshing taste to it. There's a complexity and a nice balance. It isn't too overpowering. I paired this wine with pasta, seafood, and popcorn. Yes, it tasted great … [Read more...]

Review: Torani Syrup

Nothing says holiday season more than hot coco with a cinnamon stick or gingerbread. It's always nice when you can add something extra to your drink to make it taste even sweeter. And by sweeter, I mean completely yummy! I was given the opportunity to test and review two bottles of Torani flavored syrups. I’m not the biggest fan of sweeteners, but I love to spice up my coco drinks and smoothies. I actually tried Torani several years ago, … [Read more...]

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