Black girl with kinky hair

I wish that when I was a little girl someone would have told me that my hair was beautiful. I find myself looking at old pictures from childhood in amazement at how beautiful, thick, and lovely my hair was. It was kinky curly, jet black and long, but I didn't see the beauty in it. I didn't know that one day the hair I internally hated would be the hair that I so desperately desired. It bothers me that out of all my childhood photos, only few … [Read more...]

‘Royalty Reinvented by L’Oreal’ Nail Crush

I've been obsessed with nail polish lately and this color really makes everything pop. It's a statement piece of color, and it's really fun and flirty. When I wear nail polish, I like to dress it up based on my outfit. Next, I want to try and do a matte color. I saw this clip on Pinterest where you use cornstarch, so I'll try it and let you all know how I like it.               What's … [Read more...]

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