Review: Hemp Protein Drink

This is a short review... I have been searching for a product that doesn't contain Whey, Soy, animal products, or that other junk that most protein drinks include. I accidentally stumbled on this product on Vitacost. I'm totally obsessed with Vitacost; it's like my own personal health store online. I truly love this drink mix in my smoothies, cereal... I've even used it when I juiced. It's vegan, too. So totally safe for my veggie … [Read more...]

Period. Cramps from…

Sometimes, I feel like I've traveled to the hell and back. Surely there are worse things than period cramps, but my goodness this is not fair. During the first and second day of my cycle, I have the worst menstrual cramps of my life. You'll usually find me in a corner, knees to my chest, in tears. Not to be dramatic, but it is truly horrible. I'm pretty aware of my body, so I started noticing things that make the pain worse; carbonated drinks, … [Read more...]

Review: Dream Water

Sometimes I find it so difficult to fall asleep at night. I don’t know if it’s because I tend to have a million things on my mind. Recently, I was given the opportunity to review a product called, Dream Water. Dream Water is a natural drink that is an alternative to taking sleeping pills or Adderall listen up Lindsay Lohan (I am not a fan of pills). The bottle is small in size 2.5 oz to be exact! But, it’s convenient because it doesn’t take up … [Read more...]

10 Day Juice Detox Journal Plan

So today is "D" day, otherwise known as Detox. I'm planning on going on a 10 day fast from all solids, meats, sugars... Basically, all I will be putting into my body is juiced fruit and veggies. I've done a fast before, but never for 10 days so I'm nervous and at the same damn time, excited. My reasoning behind my detox is to 1. clear my skin, 2. lose some inches off my waist, 3. discipline my mind, and 4. rid my body of all the toxins. I love … [Read more...]

Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil Giveaway

CONTEST IS CLOSED While living in Hawai’i, I developed a love for coconut oil.  It’s so versatile with its many uses.  You can use it in several recipes, as cooking oil, and for hair care.  My favorite way to use it is in my hair or as a deep conditioner because it adds a lot of moisture and shine.  Tropical Traditions is one of the leading suppliers and producers of coconut oil.  Their oil is certified … [Read more...]

Homemade Sugar Wax

So this is kind of an old review that I simply forgot to blog about. lol.  I was bored a few weeks back and decided to make homemade sugar wax.  Hey, anything to save a little money.  The first three times were not a success.  I literally was getting a syrupy consistency, but it wasn't wax.  By the forth try, it was all money.  Here's the recipe I used. 2 Cups of raw sugar 1/4 cup of lemon juice 1/4 cup of water A pinch of … [Read more...]

Do I qualify as a hippie???

I think that I’m turning into a freakin hippie.  Seriously.   This shit started last year where I convinced myself that I needed to “go natural.” Hell, EVERY damn black girl I encounter now claims to be creamy crack free.  This is usually how the convo goes.   NO, it’s NOT ME!   ME: Whew, I need a perm asap… my hair is shot. GIRL: OOO, I don’t use any chemicals in my hair, do you know how bad that ish is … [Read more...]

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