Interview with fitness enthusiast Sydney Benner

Ladies and gents, I have an exciting announcement. I know many have expressed the hardships in finding your way to the gym to workout. Well, Lionsgate Studios has partnered with YouTube to bring exciting and fun workouts to your digital world. It’s a great movement because it’ll save you money and not to mention the convenience. BeFit is the digital channel that the workouts are streamed through. BeFit has more than one million subscribers, … [Read more...]

Review: CocoaVia® Daily Cocoa Extract Supplement

[Originally posted on 3/5/2014] Flavanol is found in cocoa beans and has many health benefits when consumed daily. The phytonutrients found in flavanol also help reduce the risk of blood clots. CocoaVia® is a daily cocoa extract supplement, which helps to support healthy circulation. Healthy circulation contributes to healthy aging, and other benefits such as: Cardiovascular health Cognitive … [Read more...]

Spring chicken salad recipe

Spring is almost here, and summer is just around the corner. Enjoy a delicious spring salad without the guilt. Personally, I love salad but I prefer to make it myself, so that I know what's being added. Serves 1 -2 people 2 Cooked boneless chicken breast 1 handful of salad (Spinach or your choice) 1 handful of alfalfa sprouts 1/2 of a banana sliced 1/2 of an apple sliced and diced 5 strawberry sliced and diced Add any other fruit … [Read more...]

Race Etiquette: Let’s talk

Let's have a conversation about race... There are just some things that need to be addressed. Yesterday, I received a text message from an associate. We'll refer to her as "Mandy." Mandy decided to dialogue about the popular show on Bravo network called, "Blood Sweat and Heels." I'm familiar with the show, I watch the show regularly, and I'm a fan. So she begins the conversation by saying, “I feel bad for Micah. The other two black bitches … [Read more...]

Single and Sexless on Valentine’s Day

Why are people so obsessed over this preposterous holiday called, Valentine's Day? There are far too many women whom I've encountered lately that act as if; the world is coming to an immediate end if they don't have a date. Let's be clear, this is in reference to SINGLE women. If you're in a relationship, your man should be kissing your assets every day. That's just how I feel! Here's how the conversation goes with my single and sexless … [Read more...]

Living with OAS

If you're not familiar, OAS stands for Oral Allergy Syndrome. OAS is an allergic reaction to fresh fruit and vegetables. Most will think you're crazy if you say that you're allergic to fresh fruits and vegetables, but trust, you're not alone. I was diagnosed with this a few years ago while suffering from several episodes in grad school. It's a very frustrating syndrome because there is a lack of research. At best, research indicates that it's … [Read more...]

Why is interracial dating still such a big deal?

It's really heartbreaking that in this day and age people are still consumed with who's dating whom. Seriously, what is the obsession? Growing up, I definitely heard various stigmas regarding interracial relationships. I definitely understand race relations well enough to know that because of the past, people find it difficult to move forward. However, it really is time for people to move forward. I'm not saying to forget all that has occurred … [Read more...]

Two Helpful tips to decrease a child’s behavior

Lifestyle coach Salatha Helton shares two helpful tips to decrease a child's behavior. Working as a behaviorist and therapist for years, I have worked extensively with children who have behavioral concerns. One thing that I have learned is that children need several things in order to reduce acting out behaviors. Parents often contact me and ask, what is that I need to do in order for my child to behave. I will tell you that most of the time a … [Read more...]

Exclusive Interview: Alison Sweeney partners with Arnold/Oroweat breads

[Originally published on 9/9/13] As host on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” Alison Sweeney is supportive and empathic toward contestants. Her connection to contestants is because of her personal weight loss journey and philanthropic involvement with several charities. She shares aspects of her talents with the world from hosting, acting on “Days of our Lives,” to authoring books, and continues to live by her motto “championing … [Read more...]

Nom cravings

A few months ago I went to Las Vegas for a media event. Ever since, I have been craving food from a restaurant called, Fu. It's Asian style cuisine, located in the Hard Rock Hotel. Must say, the best service I've ever received. The shrimp dumplings were to die! Love me so Asian food. I need to plan a trip back there. Not sure when, but maybe in December. Nom Nom. The menu is $$$ in price, but worth it. … [Read more...]

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