Review / Giveaway: Oro de Castilla wine

Thanks to Pablo del Villar of Oro de Castilla and Ole Imports, Lodie's Blog is able to give away a bottle of Oro de Castilla wine for your pleasure and enjoyment. I am picking three winners, so you're in luck! Review of Oro de Castilla Verdejo 2013 wine. It has one of the most refreshing taste to it. There's a complexity and a nice balance. It isn't too overpowering. I paired this wine with pasta, seafood, and popcorn. Yes, it tasted great … [Read more...]

Review: Colgate® Optic White™ Toothbrush + Whitening Pen

[Originally published on 3/5/2014] Whitening teeth can often be expensive. Not to mention the hassle of using various whitening agents. Last month, Colgate® introduced a new breakthrough product to the Optic White line. The Colgate® Optic White™ Toothbrush + Whitening Pen offers convenience and time efficiency because it’s easy to use and affordable. The toothbrush includes a built-in whitening pen, so you can Brush.Whiten.Go. … [Read more...]

Review: CocoaVia® Daily Cocoa Extract Supplement

[Originally posted on 3/5/2014] Flavanol is found in cocoa beans and has many health benefits when consumed daily. The phytonutrients found in flavanol also help reduce the risk of blood clots. CocoaVia® is a daily cocoa extract supplement, which helps to support healthy circulation. Healthy circulation contributes to healthy aging, and other benefits such as: Cardiovascular health Cognitive … [Read more...]

Review / Giveaway: Baggage Claim

So I haven't posted a review / giveaway in a longtime. I would love to offer a giveaway to my readers for the hilarious movie "Baggage Claim," which was released Feb. 4th on Blu-ray and DVD." The movie stars Paula Patton and Boris Kodjoe (who plays her fiance). The movie is about relationships, love and heartache. I'm sure we can all relate, right? Especially the 30 + crowd. Synopsis of "Baggage Claim" Paula Patton leads a hilarious cast in … [Read more...]

Review: Hemp Protein Drink

This is a short review... I have been searching for a product that doesn't contain Whey, Soy, animal products, or that other junk that most protein drinks include. I accidentally stumbled on this product on Vitacost. I'm totally obsessed with Vitacost; it's like my own personal health store online. I truly love this drink mix in my smoothies, cereal... I've even used it when I juiced. It's vegan, too. So totally safe for my veggie … [Read more...]

Book Review: ‘In my Humble Opinion’

[Originally published on 2/6/14] Sometimes we have thoughts that go on in our mind that we can never voice to others. You know the thought that “I’ve always been interested in people, but I’ve never liked them," or “The World is a Botched Job.” Well, at least, these thoughts occasionally plague my mind. "In My Humble Opinion," is a guided journal that says all the things that we think, but never express. Each section allows you … [Read more...]

Product Review: VTech 2 Handset Connect to Cell™ Cordless Handset

[Originally Published 1/29/14 on] Cell phones are taking over how people communicate with each other and rarely are handset phones used. Surely, if people had the option of a well designed and convenient handset phone, more would use them. The 2 Handset Connect to Cell™ Answering System with Cordless Handset by VTech DS6671-3 is an innovative phone. The communications company VTech manufactures a range of leading cord and cordless … [Read more...]

Review: Strawberry Shortcake – Berry Bitty Mysteries

Vibrant colors, singing, mystery, and girl power! As a little girl, Strawberry Shortcake was a favorite. I lived for her hair, her clothes—she was a cool chica! I gifted my niece this DVD to review and she loved it. I find it important for little ones to experience the joy in animations and cartoons as my generation did. In life, don’t we all have things to overcome? One of my biggest fears I’ve been working on this year is overcoming … [Read more...]

Review: L’Oréal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream (Deep)

I’d seen many commercials leading up to me being asked to review L’Oréal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream. I was a skeptic at first, but I am in love! I was sent the deep BB cream. I’m dark complexion (Kelly Rowland’s color) and it works great on my skin. When applied, it went on my skin so smoothly. My blemishes were concealed. How I used it: Initially, I used it as a primer, but it didn't blend well with my foundation, so lately I … [Read more...]

Review: Bedroom Kandi Kisses

[Originally reported on] Vibrators prove beneficial in improving sexual health. A 2009 study conducted through Indiana University found that 53 percent of women age 18-60 use vibrators (IU researchers). More than half of women are using them, so why is there still a stigma surrounding use? Vibrator use is linked to improve sexual functioning such as decreasing pain, improving lubrication, and helping with orgasm. … [Read more...]

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