‘The Other Woman’ closet swap party!

Sometimes women can bond in the most unexpected ways. In the movie, “The Other Woman” starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton the ladies learn to rely on each other after an unconventional “love” triangle. The movie is about friendship and women sticking together! If you weren’t able to see the movie when it first came to the big screen, it will be available for Blu-Ray / DVD purchase on July 29.  Through Twentieth Century Fox Home … [Read more...]

Review: Rose by Julep Maven

I have this current obsession with painting my nails. This nail polish is by Julep Maven and it's called, Rose. I've received more comments on this nail polish than the other colors that I tend to wear. I love it because there's no harsh chemicals in it, and it doesn't have a strong smell like nail polish tends too. Yes, there's still a smell, but not as intense. Also, I only needed to apply 2 coats... so far, no chipping! I've had it polished … [Read more...]

Review: L’Oréal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream (Deep)

I’d seen many commercials leading up to me being asked to review L’Oréal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream. I was a skeptic at first, but I am in love! I was sent the deep BB cream. I’m dark complexion (Kelly Rowland’s color) and it works great on my skin. When applied, it went on my skin so smoothly. My blemishes were concealed. How I used it: Initially, I used it as a primer, but it didn't blend well with my foundation, so lately I … [Read more...]

Review: Biokleen Laundry Liquid

I consider my skin to be problematic at times when exposed to certain soaps. My skin becomes itchy and often dry. It isn’t easy to find a laundry detergent that I can use without breaking out. Trust me; I’ve used just about every detergent on the market. The unfortunate thing is that, I usually end up using some type of laundry detergent used on children’s clothing. Recently, I was able to review a laundry detergent called, Biokleen. Love … [Read more...]

Now accepting Holiday Guide inquires

The Christmas holiday is almost here! If you are a company and would like to have a product included and reviewed in our Holiday Guide, please contact Lodie. Don't celebrate Xmas??? Not a problem, we are also looking for products to celebrate other holidays. I've extended the deadline, so I will be reviewing products for the holiday guide up until January 5th. Accepting products in the following categories: Health - drinks, food, skin, … [Read more...]

You Smell like…

It is my personal belief that every human being should have a scent.  Hmm, let me rephrase that, I believe that everyone should have a signature perfume or cologne.  It boggles my mind how so many people walk around smelling like grass, instead of roses. lol.  Just sayin! But knowing how to pick the correct fragrance is even more important. Summer vs. Winter Ok, maybe it's a bit OCD, and I know that not everyone does this; … [Read more...]

Clothes in the Attic

So I have horrible insomnia at times.  The only good thing about it is that I often discover wonderful companies at odd hours.  The Attic is a Buy, Sell, Trade online clothing / antique thrift store.  Similar to a consignment shop, except their clothes are way better priced.  In fact, I believe I typed in consignment shops when I discovered it via Google.  I love this store! It's located in Pennsylvania, so if you don't … [Read more...]

Firmoo Wraparound Sunglasses

Hey lovelies! I received a free pair of Firmoo Wraparound Sunglasses from an international company called Firmoo.  I really didn't know what to expect upon ordering, but LOVE them! The fitting is perfect for my face.  I also appreciated that their site allows you to upload a picture of yourself so that you can virtually see how the glasses will fit. The glasses are available in regular or prescription strength, so everyone has an … [Read more...]

Check out Blogger at: Pretty. Random. Things. fabulous giveaway

Blogger Liesl at Pretty. Random. Things. has an amazing giveaway.  Enter now for a chance to win a fabulous Michael Kors oversized watch.   Once she reaches 500 followers on her blog, she'll pick a lucky winner, so spread the word! Check out her blog for more details. http://www.pretty-random-things.com/2012/06/michael-kors-giveaway-open.html … [Read more...]

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