Visiting The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Mass

Last month, I went to Boston for a journalism conference. This is a picture of The First Church of Christ, Scientist. The church was built around 1894, and is said to be the "Mother Church" for Christian Science. I didn't go inside of the building, but I wish I had. I'm not sure when I'll randomly return to Boston. I don't see myself visiting the city unless it's work related, but I sure wouldn't mind going back. … [Read more...]

Animal Open House and All Access Pre-Show at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey

 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey show LEGENDS will be in town, and it is The Greatest Show on Earth®. I am thrilled for my family to experience such a magical and breathtaking moment. It's the circus that we've all heard about for years, and it's coming to Sacramento on September 12-15 at Sacramento's Sleep Train Area. Experience unimaginable family fun, as amazing circus athletes perform awe-inspiring feats of daring, spectacles of … [Read more...]

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® coming to Sacramento’s Sleep Train Arena

Don’t miss an opportunity of a lifetime to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® LEGENDS, coming to Sacramento’s Sleep Train Arena, Sept. 12-15 and Stockton Arena, Sept. 19-21, 2014. Ringling Bros. offers a way to connect with performers at the All Access Pre-Show starting one hour before show time and FREE to ticket holders. If you’ve never seen the show before, it’s an amazing opportunity of a lifetime that will have you cheering, … [Read more...]

Review / Giveaway: Oro de Castilla wine

Thanks to Pablo del Villar of Oro de Castilla and Ole Imports, Lodie's Blog is able to give away a bottle of Oro de Castilla wine for your pleasure and enjoyment. I am picking three winners, so you're in luck! Review of Oro de Castilla Verdejo 2013 wine. It has one of the most refreshing taste to it. There's a complexity and a nice balance. It isn't too overpowering. I paired this wine with pasta, seafood, and popcorn. Yes, it tasted great … [Read more...]

Interview with Pablo del Villar

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Pablo del Villar Igea, president of Oro De Castilla. I reviewed Oro De Castilla Verdejo 2013. A great wine that I paired with salmon, shrimp pasta, and even popcorn. The wine is very classic and is made from the Verdejo grape in About Oro De Castilla wine - The white white is described as a very complex wine with an acidity higher than usual, more balanced and with a structure of … [Read more...]

Speak now!

As a woman, sometimes it is so increasingly difficult to find your own voice. We often allow ourselves to get caught up in the transference of others. In order to personally grow and develop, we must begin to find our voice. We have to begin by speaking up for the things that we do not believe in, saying no when we don't agree, and telling people to stay out of our damn business when they're being too noisy. I know it sounds harsh, but too often … [Read more...]

Black girl with kinky hair

At the early stages of my development my beauty was defined by my hair. I was made to feel that I had to be cautious of the “brand message” or “image” I represented with natural hair. If only someone told me that my hair was beautiful. I find myself looking  at childhood pictures in astonishment at how beautiful, thick and lovely my hair was. It was kinky curly, jet black and long, but I didn't see the beauty in it. I didn't know that one day the … [Read more...]

Inspiration Monday: Beautiful Puerto Rico

I can't remember the name of the beach where I took this photo, but it was taken in Puerto Rico this past summer. Such a beautiful place! I'd love to visit again. It actually reminded me of Hawaii. The people were absolutely friendly, and the food was some of the best food I've ever eaten on vacation. I'm pretty sure that every photo I shared during my trip was of food! lol. Where's your favorite vacation spot? … [Read more...]

Why is interracial dating still such a big deal?

It's really heartbreaking that in this day and age people are still consumed with who's dating whom. Seriously, what is the obsession? Growing up, I definitely heard various stigmas regarding interracial relationships. I definitely understand race relations well enough to know that because of the past, people find it difficult to move forward. However, it really is time for people to move forward. I'm not saying to forget all that has occurred … [Read more...]

Nom cravings

A few months ago I went to Las Vegas for a media event. Ever since, I have been craving food from a restaurant called, Fu. It's Asian style cuisine, located in the Hard Rock Hotel. Must say, the best service I've ever received. The shrimp dumplings were to die! Love me so Asian food. I need to plan a trip back there. Not sure when, but maybe in December. Nom Nom. The menu is $$$ in price, but worth it. … [Read more...]

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