Book Review: ‘In my Humble Opinion’

[Originally published on 2/6/14] Sometimes we have thoughts that go on in our mind that we can never voice to others. You know the thought that “I’ve always been interested in people, but I’ve never liked them," or “The World is a Botched Job.” Well, at least, these thoughts occasionally plague my mind. "In My Humble Opinion," is a guided journal that says all the things that we think, but never express. Each section allows you … [Read more...]

The best way to Save Money on Campus Books

Guess what readers! I’ve decided that I’m going to further my clinical studies and pursue a PhD. It’s something that I’ve been debating for quite some time, now. Thankfully, I’m more educated about purchasing textbooks. You’ll recall my previous rant about my book bill totaling over $400 each semester. Well those days are over because of Campus Book Rentals. If you’re not familiar it’s a program where you can save money by renting your textbooks. … [Read more...]

The poet

Writing… That thing I do so well, But I am searching to find my way. Loving… It is within me like the water I drink AND The air I breathe. If I had my wish, I would live my life content Writing. Catch my drift? Who am I without words? Well, I’m kind of like a man Without sex Odd comparison, But if you can follow You’d catch my drift. Words… Jumbled or mumbled It belongs to me. … [Read more...]

Save money with Campus Book Rentals

When I was a college student, I absolutely dreaded having to buy textbooks. I recall purchasing books my third year of undergraduate studies, and I almost had a heart attack when I saw that the bill was over $500.00. No teacher was able to convince me that my $500.00 was well spent, especially when you only need the books for a semester and most of the time, you don't use them. Most of my books sat in a corner and collected dust. Try paying … [Read more...]

Loving my summer read

I'm loving my new summer reads, courtesy of Bzzagent.  I was sent two free books written by author, Oliver Potzsch.  The books are: The Hangman's Daughter and The Dark Monk.  I currently am reading both on my Kindle concurrently, so I still have a ways to go before I finish, but I am loving both books very, very, very much.  The thing that I love the most about these books, is the refreshing style of language.  The author … [Read more...]

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