Let’s talk

I have not used this space to the best of it’s ability, but I will soon. It has been so difficult to write creatively. So many thoughts are on my mind daily, yet I have not used this open forum. But… I will, soon. I think it’s been about a solid three years or more since I’ve blogged on here. I have no excuse except work has taken over my life. It has taken away my creative flow. Actually, I have allowed myself to use every excuse. No more, no more. I have so many things that I’d like to talk about from love to what I have learned through traveling that I will began to really restructure this blog space. Let’s talk. Let’s have real conversations about black men and women dating, interracial dating and sex. Let’s talk about race and how it’s perceived around the world. Let’s talk about about all things that are real. It’s crazy that at 35 years old how much my perception has changed. When I started this platform I had no idea where to take it. I just wanted to talk about dating and relationships. I didn’t even understand what that looked like. Then soon, I realized that I had a passion for talking about lifestyle topics. Now I just want to talk about all kinds of random things. Here’s to changes.

Speak Your Mind


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