Imperfectly Matched

He was imperfect. But he was perfect.

The kind of human that an imperfect human could fall for.

She felt comfortable around him. near him. in between him.

He was her match. She thought.

They took trips. down. throughout.

Unlike anything she had experienced. In adulthood.

She was all in.

Quickly. Faster than she would have liked to admit.

She had fallen.

they had just met. However, the chemistry pulled her in closer.

She lost herself around him. In a good way.

Laughter. Smiles. Joking. Singing. She was herself.

For the first time. There was no pretending.

No seconds for guessing.

Passionately. they would make love.

Again. She lost herself. Freely, completely.

She. terrified. Him apathetic.

Not to the making of Love. But to her.

He would go in. then pull out.

He would embrace her. then. push her…


There was a disconnect.

Her fear became his fear. His fear became her fear.

Scared of the rejection. Terrified of the feeling.

They began to play a game of sabotage.

Teetering back and forth.

It was between love or freedom.

Ego driven. And. defiant to commit.


they were two loves. imperfectly matched.

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