Plan your summer travel with Audiovox Car Connection

If you’re planning to take a road trip with your family this summer, it’s important to check the overall health of your car before hitting the road. Sure, traveling is fun, but doing it without your car breaking down, is even more enjoyable.

Photo Credit: Marina Maher Communications LLC

Photo Credit: Marina Maher Communications LLC

Photo Credit: Marina Maher Communications LLC

Photo Credit: Marina Maher Communications LLC

Car Connection by Audiovox can help improve driver safety before the malfunctioning occurs. It is a plug-in OBDII telematics device, and it is the latest gadget for cars. The Car Connection device is simple, and it allows individuals to monitor, manage and maintain vehicle performance under the hood and behind the wheel.

The convenient and small module plugs in under the dash in the OBDII port; however, the device is compatible with car models made after 1996.

Drivers can monitor and track performance online through use of a smart phone, tablet or computer. The best part, no installation is needed! Car Connection provides vehicle maintenance alerts and monitors driving habits. Furthermore, Car Connection also creates a driver score.

Additional Benefits of Car Connection:

  • It allows individuals to control driver’s cell phone. Be warned, it will prevent the ability to text while driving (with any Android or Blackberry Phone).
  • With the Lot Spot feature Car Connection will provide walking directions/navigation back to your car in case you forget where your are parked (My favorite feature because I notoriously forget where I park).
  • Receive an alert if the driver enters or exits a pre-set safety zone.
  • Receive vehicle safety and maintenance alerts to identify recommended repairs before heading to the mechanic.

Car Connection by Audiovox is available at Sears and retails for $169.99 with a required monthly or annual service plan.

For more information visit the company website (

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