Review: Skinny Pop Popcorn

The problem that I usually have with popcorn is the kernels getting stuck in my teeth. Not to mention, most of the popcorn that I’ve eaten always has a bunch of kernels at the bottom of the bag. I never want to be the outcast who passes up a good bag of popcorn because of idiosyncrasies.

One day, I was watching the Wendy Williams after show, and I couldn’t help but notice her smacking on a bag of popcorn. Hey, anyone who watches Wendy knows her love for food, so if it meets her seal of approval, it must be good, right?

Skinny Pop Popcorn is deemed as guilt free popcorn. The popcorn is gluten free (I’ve mentioned this a few times, but I love all things gluten free!), all natural, cholesterol free, dairy free, peanut free, and tree nut free. With all the FREE, I’m sure you’re thinking that it taste bland or unfavorable.

This is the best popcorn that I have EVER tasted! There weren’t a lot of kernels, it didn’t taste bland, it had a good amount of buttery flavor, it wasn’t too salty, and it didn’t leave me with a stomach ache.

I like that it tasted so yummy, and I didn’t feel guilty while eating. Honestly, I had a difficult time putting the bag of popcorn down. I also like that the popcorn paired well with my glass of tempranillo wine. It was my first time pairing the two, but it tasted wonderfully. I also love that the bag was filled up to the top, instead of there being a bunch of air in the bag.

I honestly don’t have any dislikes… Except, I wish that the popcorn was available in more stores in my area.

Skinny Pop Popcorn cost about $3.69 for a 4.4 oz bag, and is definitely well worth the price. If you want to enjoy tasty popcorn without the guilt, this popcorn is for you.

Disclaimer: I was sent Skinny Pop Popcorn for testing and review purposes. I was not paid for this post, and all opinions represent my own.


  1. That sounds like a great product. I love popcorn but it doesn’t always agree with my stomach either.

    • I was actually surprised at how well it agreed with my stomach. Because there’s no gluten or artificial flavors, it settles really well.


    Be careful with “Skinny Pop”… it claims to be many good things on the package, but the reality is they refuse to disclose hidden ingredients in their products.

    It’s marketed on the package as natural and healthy, free from this and that. Sounds too good to be true, and unfortunately it probably is.

    I’m allergic/intolerant to so many things it sucks, so I absolutely have to know what I’m eating, every ingredient. I was super excited to find Skinny Pop, as there’s so little I can eat when it comes to packaged snacks. At first it appeared to be free from virtually everything bad.

    But when I contacted Skinny Pop to find out the actual ingredients in their “White Cheddar Flavor” they refused to disclose this information, saying it’s “botanical” and a “trade secret”. We traded several emails, and I politely explained my health situation, but they absolutely wouldn’t budge.

    Any food manufacturer that refuses to disclose any ingredients is hiding something. And food labeling laws in the USA unfortunately permit this, which most consumers don’t realize.

    Don’t believe what you read on packages. If you care about what you’re eating… just be aware that you don’t actually know for sure the real ingredients in Skinny Pop.

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